Helping those who cannot help themselves

Update: Gloria is Home!

Well, we have fantastic news for you! We all have a heard how amazing Bethany Village is in helping the children grow and be empowered to further their own lives through education or trade. Well, even more exciting is how Bethany Village partners with others to help entire families stay together and thrive. Read this amazing story from Pastor Bulima and his update about our newest little girl, Gloria.

GLORIA REUNITED WITH HER FAMILY It is always our desire to place children who are in our homes/orphanage into permanent families. Our prayer is that each of the children will one day find a family to live with permanently. In our last write up, we wrote about the challenges Gloria Nakayiza’s family was going through even when Gloria had been placed with Bethany Homes. Gloria was living with us and as a result, she was able to consistently attend school and accessed good medical care, food, parenting and other services which children receive while they are with us. But as we wrote, this was not good enough for the family. Gloria had sisters who were not going to school, her mother was struggling to make ends meet to be able to holistically take care of the family after her father’s drowning in Lake Victoria. We asked that you pray with us so that through His mysterious ways, God would provide for the needs of this family. We are glad to let you know that God has faithfully brought people to help Gloria’s family. Jason and Brenda are missionaries from Oregon (USA) living here in Bethany Village. The couple has founded an organization called develop sustainability ( Their organization is partnering with Africa Renewal Ministries to build a Skills Development Center in Bethany Village with the purpose of skilling young adults and single mothers with employable skills to enable them live independent/better lives. When Jason and Brenda learnt of Gloria’s family challenges, they were moved with compassion. As a result, they began exploring ways to help the family. They found out that Allen (Gloria’s mother) could weave very nice baskets. She had passed on this skill to her two daughters whom she had failed to put in school. The challenge they had was that they didn’t have a good market for their products. Jason and Brenda thought they could help the family better their weaving business by finding market for the baskets. The couple is planning to give Allen and her daughters a job of training other women to weave baskets when the vocational skills development center opens. Not only that but also during this transition, they are willing to give Gloria full academic scholarship so that she can attend school until her family is able to support her in school. We are excited to report that Gloria was reunited with her family. We managed to get her a mattress, blanket and a pair of bed sheets as she happily moved home with her mother. We thank God for Jason and Brenda’s involvement in Gloria’s case. Not only Gloria but also the so many children and families they are supporting in our village at the moment. “EAST OR WEST, HOME IS THE BEST” English Proverb

Thank you so much to everyone at Bethany Village for all your hard work! We are all so blessed to be working with you, and hearing all that has been accomplished by God’s grace!