Helping those who cannot help themselves

A new member of the family: Gloria!

Bethany Village has received a new little girl!  Gloria has joined Praise House and will be supported by Life International supporters.  Praise House is one of the three houses we currently sponsor, and that sponsorship has changed the lives of these children.  Here is the story sent to us from Bethany.

GloriaA 7-year-old beautiful girl with greatness folded into her. She is in Middle class (Nursery) at Bethany Christian School. She is one of three girls who have just joined Praise House. She is the youngest in her family of 7 children. Thursday, 10th May 2018 is the darkest day in the history of Gloria’s family. On that day, her father went with his colleagues to  Lake Victoria to fish as he always did, he was a fisherman by trade. As they were in the deep waters fishing, suddenly there appeared great winds on the lake that caused big waves on the lake. The small canoe, which he was in with his colleagues, was sung up and down until it over turned. Others survived because they could swim but Gloria’s
father could not swim and so he drowned. He was the breadwinner of his home and so this fateful event threatened the survival of his family.

With 7 children to take care of, life became so hard for Gloria’s mother. All of the seven except one who was sponsored by another organization dropped out of school. Well-wishers including some members form our church began to support the family and as a result, two more children were able to attend school. It is at this moment that we decided to take on Gloria. At the moment, she is able to attend our school without fear of being discontinued because of school fees and other scholastic materials. She now has access to the basics of life including food, medical care, education and others. Much as Gloria is enjoying a good life in Bethany Village, she has three sisters who have not been able to go to school, her mother continues to struggle to meet the needs of her family. In fact the family cannot afford two decent meals a day.

It is our desire to support this family beyond taking on one of the children from the family. Gloria’s mother (Allen) has learnt to take care of pigs from our farm and she thinks that this is a trade she can do to sustain her family.  Bethany Children’s Homes is  a transition place for children like Gloria who are hurting. We believe that every child deserves the right to grow up in a loving family. On this note, Gloria needs to be helped to be able to reunite with her family. It is our prayer that through His mysterious ways, God will provide for the needs of this family. We would like to thank God for every body who gives to Bethany Village.

We are happy to report that because of your gifts of love, we are able to give a hope and a future to many children who don’t have an opportunity to live with their families.

We are so grateful that there is a place like Bethany Village for kids like Gloria.  They will still be connected to their families and encouraged to return when they are ready, but they are given education, health care, clothing and healthy food… everything they need, until they become grown adults.  Thank you to all the staff and volunteers at Bethany Village for your hard and diligent work with these young children!