Helping those who cannot help themselves

Meet Henry!

I hope you have all been enjoying getting to know our new sponsor children.  I know I have!  Today we are going to meet Henry.  Henry is at the age where he’ll be beginning to think of what to do with his life.  Pray for him as he makes big decisions and begin to learn trades that he will later pursue in life.

Henry Mbazira

Henry is 13 years old currently in Primary six class at Bethany Christian school, Henry is an orphan, after the death of his parents his Aunt took him over but due to the financial constraint of his Aunt at that time, she requested Gaba Child Development Program a sister program to take care of Henry since he was not attending school.  As a result of the request he was registered in the program and later transferred to Bethany Children’s Home to be able to access School.

Henry will definitely benefit from the education that Bethany Village offers to their children.  He will be well equipped to make decisions for his future and pursue what he desires.  Thanks to everyone at Bethany Village for their hard work!