Helping those who cannot help themselves

Introducing Faridah!

Today we will be meeting 6 year old Faridah.  Faridah is a sweet young girl with a bright future ahead of her.  She’s been through many transitions but is now thriving at Bethany Village in her new family.

Faridah Namukisa

Faridah is 6 years old currently in primary 2, she was abandoned by her mother and tracing did not yield any results regarding her mother’s whereabouts however her paternal uncle was finally traced and she finally was resettled with her Uncle but he was also struggling financially since he had many biological children. Though he was willing to stay with her, he could not afford adding her to his already existing burden. It is because of that that she was placed with Bethany Children’s Home and she is also a member of Joy House.

We are so happy for Faridah that she has found a place where she can settle in and grow to become a Godly young woman.  Thank you Bethany Village for your constant care and love for these young children!