Helping those who cannot help themselves

Meet little Jailah!

Today we are going to introduce you to a sweet little guy named Jailah.  He is very young and this is a blessing for him that he has found a stable home so early in his life.  He is doing well, and continues to grow in his new family.

Jailah Twinamasiko

Jailah is 3 years old and he is not yet in school. He used to stay with his mother but she was struggling to even find a house to sleep in, many days she slept out side in the cold with the young boy. Jailah was rejected by his father and yet the mother was in a very bad shape financially. Someone advised her to bring the son to us for safety as she looks for a way to find a job and be able to look after her child.

Thank you Bethany Village for taking such great care of these little ones.  And thank you Life International supporters for financially caring for these little ones and meeting their needs!  Without you, this wouldn’t be possible!