Helping those who cannot help themselves

Introducing Benon!

Today we’d like to introduce you to Benon.  He’s coming up on his last few years at Bethany and will already be thinking of what he’d like to do when he graduates.  Let’s keep him in our prayers as he makes these big decisions!

Benon Kabugo


Benon is 16 years old currently in Senior Four. He formally stayed with his father who later passed on and he started staying with his elder sister who later could no longer provide for his basic needs, so the local authorities requested the Head office staff to help take on Benon due to the horrible situation he was going through while he was with his elder sister.  Finally he was transferred to Bethany Children’s home where he could attend school.


Benon has been through quite a few transitions but it sounds like he has really done well since coming to Bethany.  So many of these kids have a great resilience that helps them push forward and keep trying to improve their lives.  They really are amazing people and have so much potential in them!  Let’s pray for Benon as he begins to build his future in his last few years here.