Helping those who cannot help themselves

Meet Gordon!

Today we are going to meet Gordon.  He has been at Bethany for a few years now, and is doing great!  These children are so full of joy and happiness.  They run, laugh, play and goof off.  It’s really a joy to be with them when we visit them.  We hope you enjoy this short bio about Gordon.

Gordon MwesigwaGordon was abandoned in November 2015 when he was about 2 and a half years and the case was reported to the Police by locals who had seen him abandoned. The Police referred the child to the probation and social welfare officer who also referred him to Loving Hearts Babies Home for care and protection.

Looking for his family and relatives was done including working with the local councils and police to establish the whereabouts of his parents or relatives and no positive results were yielded. A newspapers advertisement was run but still no one surfaced to claim the infant.

Next we establish an exit plan for Gordon as he was out growing the age acceptable for Babies at Loving Hearts Babies Home. Thus, a family was identified willing to foster him and he joined a foster family in September 2016.  Later the foster family was no longer in position to provide the appropriate foster care to him given the financial crisis in the family as a result of unemployment.

He was referred to Bethany Children’s Home where his needs as a growing infant were to adequately be catered for since he was of school going age, which Bethany would handle. It is assumed that he was born in January 2014 and he is currently 4 years of age in Baby class at Bethany Christian School

It is so nice to see the kids we are supporting, and to see that they are all so happy!  Bethany Village is doing an amazing thing for these Children and we are so grateful for the work they put in to this village.  Keep praying for each of our sponsored homes as they continue to grow and thrive!