Helping those who cannot help themselves

Introducing Austin!

Welcome back to our series of biographies of our new sponsor children!  We are meeting the new kids who are being sponsored by Life International supporters, and getting to know who they are!  Today we’d like to introduce you to Austin.  We are so incredibly grateful that Austin is now in a loving home and family at Bethany Village!

Austin Okello

Austin was abandoned in a suburb in June 2016, he was picked by a good samaritan who reported the matter to police. His body was full of wounds and he was also malnourished. He was then placed with Loving Hearts Baby’s Home for care and protection.  When Austin reached school-going age, he was referred to Bethany Children’s Home where he could be taken to school. This transfer was also because he had out grown the age acceptable for babies at Loving Hearts Babies Home.

It is assumed that Austin was born in November 2012 and he is now 6 years of age.  He is currently in baby class at Bethany Christian School. He looks healthy and he is doing well academically.