Helping those who cannot help themselves

Update on Betty, our Joy House Mom

Hey everyone,

I know you all have been praying for the healing and recovery of Betty, the house mother of our newly sponsored home, Joy House.  We have received an update regarding Betty’s health and unfortunately it’s not the positive news we were hoping for.  Betty had been having some swelling in her abdomen for quite some time, and had become very ill.  After being referred to specialists for diagnosis, it was confirmed to be abdominal cancer.  It was discovered so late that there was no treatment that would be effective or that she could physically endure.  She returned home to be with her three grown daughters.  About a weeks ago, Betty passed away and is now completely healed in heaven, in her perfect body and in the arms of her Savior.  In her last days, we were told that Betty’s faith in God remained strong.

The children of Joy House are undoubtedly shaken, but the other house moms at Bethany Village have taken them in and are caring for them as they determine what their plan will be for a future house mother of Joy House.  Let’s join together in prayer for the children of Joy House, the house mom’s helping them cope and adjust.  This is a huge loss for those little children, who have already been through a lot.  We can also lift up Betty’s daughters and their families as they grieve the loss of their mother.

God, in a time like this we are grateful that you are bigger than our circumstances and powerful at all times.  We rely on that strength in these tough times.  God, we ask that you would bring your peace and comfort to the children of Joy House, the staff at Bethany Village, as well as to Betty’s family.  Help those around them to know how best to support them, and bless them with your own signs of love and support in these tough days.  Thank you that your love is everlasting and does not rest.  Amen.