Helping those who cannot help themselves

A Third Home!

I have some very exciting news to share today.  For almost a year now we have been have had enough monthly support to pay for one home full time.  On top of that we have had several one time donations last year that covered most of the expenses for a second home.  Of course one time donations are great, but when the year is up we are back to the regular support for only one home.

Here is the exciting news … over the last few months we have received a few very large donations for the orphanage we are supporting.  In fact they are large enough to not only cover the costs of a second home for the year, but also start into supporting a third home!  So starting today, Life International is officially sponsoring three homes at Bethany Village.  Each home has between 12 and 15 orphan children who would otherwise be living on the streets.

Let me introduce you to new home we are now supporting called Joy House.

This is Betty Mukisa, the Joy House Mother as well as some of the children who live in that home.

We are so excited to be at the point where we are now starting to support a third home!  Now, we don’t have the complete support for this home yet.  We still need to raise about another $1000/month to fully fund this home, but it is an incredible start!  We are believing that God will bring the sponsors to Life International so that we can continue supporting Joy house long term.

Here is where you can help.  If you know of others in your life who would be interested in helping children get off the streets of Uganda, please share this with them.  Together we are making a huge difference!