Helping those who cannot help themselves

Karen and Juliet from Praise House

Two of the lovely young ladies living at Praise House are Karen and Juliet.  Both Karen and Juliet are teenagers and are seriously thinking about what they want to do when they graduate from Bethany Village.




Karen is a 17 year old girl, currently in Senior six. She came to Bethany Children’s home in 2008 as a result of the death of her father remaining with a jobless weak mother who was not able to take care of Karen and her sister Sheila. The two sisters both lived with us but after Sheila made 18 years, we graduated her. Karen will be graduated in December after she also turns 18. Karen’s dream is to become a social worker.








Juliet is a 14 year old girl currently in Primary Seven at Bethany Christian School. Her mother abandoned her after the death of her father while she was a baby and as a result she was left in the hands of her paternal grandmother who lives near to our head office in Ggaba Kampala. The old lady has a lot of complications with her health and doesn’t work and so could not afford living with Juliet. It was upon this background that a decision was made to bring the young girl to Bethany where she could be able to attend school and be parented. She is a very active young girl and dreams of becoming a Lawyer one day.



We have been incredibly blessed to meet so many of the children of Praise House over these past several posts.  What a blessing to hear each of their stories individually and to know how we can pray for them as they grow.