Helping those who cannot help themselves

Meet Blossom and Mark!

Today we introduce to you two boys named Blossom and Mark from Praise House.  This post contains stories of a more graphic nature, but at the same time, it is the reality that these young men live with and have overcome.  They have since been rescued, cared for and loved, and they are doing incredibly well now with a bright future ahead of them.


Blossom is 12 years old studying at Bethany Christian School in Primary Five. When he was four years old, his father became insane and violent at home which forced his mother to separate with him. The mother left all her six children with the violent father. She ran off with another man. The six of them were not  safe at all because their father was promising to kill them. He one time tried to kill his daughter with a machete. We rescued these children from these abusive condition in 2010. three of his big sisters moved on from our village after  graduation from our program and are living independent lives. We are now left with three kids from this family. Blossom’s dream is to become a pilot and tour many parts of the world. He is a very active and Jolly young boy. Unfortunately for him and his siblings is that their father later committed a capital offence and was imprisoned in 2014, he has a long prison sentence to serve. For now, we are taking care of all these kids.






Mark, together with his sister Sheila were brought to Bethany village in 2005. back then, their dad had died and they were living with their sickly mum who was HIV positive. The poor woman could not work to earn a living for her children because of her health which had deteriorated. After a few months of their dad’s death, they were chased out of the rented house they were living in. it was at this point that a well wisher  referred them to Bethany Village, after a while the mother also passed away.



We are so thankful for all of those involved in the care of the children at Bethany Village, like Mark and Blossom.  And it is incredibly kind of Pastor Bulima to take time out of his busy day to make Bethany feel just a little bit closer to home.  We can be praying for each of these children and their futures as they grow, as well as for the wonderful people caring for them as family each and every day.