Helping those who cannot help themselves

Introducing Gloria, Bridget and Jordan.

Today I have the privilege of introducing you to 7 year old twins, Gloria and Bridget and 10 year old Jordan from Praise House.  They are ambitious kids with big dreams for their future.  Thanks to the financial support of those donating through Life International, those dreams are now a very real possibility for these young children!



Gloria and Bridget are 7 year old twins studying in primary one at Bethany Christian School. They also live in Praise House. These two little pretty girls joined Bethany Village in the 2015. They were rescued from the slums of  Kampala. Both their parents had abandoned them in a house and  disappeared. Well wishers referred them to us and after taking them in, we later found their parents who had separated. The parents said they abandoned the kids because they had no money to look after them. They thought the kids would die and so they were afraid to see their children die in their presence. After the three years of living in Bethany Village, the young girls have grown into adorable pretty queens whose dream is to become a Musician/ Dancer and Teacher for Gloria and Bridget respectively.




Jordan is a 10 year old boy studying in primary Three at Bethany Christian school. He joined Bethany children’s home in the year 2015. His father died and Jordan was left under the care of his sick mother living in a rented house who was on the verge of passing away. She was too sick to find a job to support her family.
Jordan resorted to searching for leftover food in garbage places. It was there in the filthy garbage place; that: Jordan was found by Harriet, one of our staff a God fearing good willed lady. Jordan was thus found his way into Bethany Village for love, care, support, education and nurturing into a better person. Jordan is  dreaming of becoming a teacher.



Stay tuned for even more stories of young children that we are sponsoring at Bethany Village.  Be sure to share these stories with your friends and family so that we can reach even more children at Bethany!