Helping those who cannot help themselves

Greetings from Pastor Bulima

Exciting news!  We have received an update from Pastor Bulima at Bethany Village!  He has given us an overview of how things are going, as well as several stories of the children we are sponsoring it the village.  Over the next few months we will be highlighting these stories so that you can “meet” the children that you are caring for financially!

First, here is a greeting from Pastor Bulima:

Hello.  We appreciate all your efforts in raising funds to support the children’s ministry in our village. We also appreciate all the people who give generously to this cause. Because of their generosity, we are able to feed, cloth, pay fees, medical bills and other house bills as well as paying our staff who are involved in this ministry. May God bless the works of your hands.

I would like to begin by giving you some general updates form the two homes. There are 9 children at the moment in Praise House and 11 in Worship house. Winnie and Betty are the respective house mums. We resettled one child from each of the homes last year after having empowered their mothers with business management skills and providing start up capital for them to be able to start up businesses that could help them provide for their children.

Bethany village is comprised of 6 children’s homes that are dedicated to offering a loving, caring family environment to vulnerable children. Most of the children we take care of were rescued from abusive situations. We are currently looking after 62 children distributed among the six homes.

We appreciate everyone that is participating in the move to raise money for these children, we are happy to inform you that your giving is transforming lives here. We encourage you not to give up with this habit because your labor is not in vain.


Pastor Bulima

Stay tuned for individual biographies of young children staying the Praise House and Worship House!  Some of the stories are heartbreaking to hear, but also show the amazing redemption of God’s love and the selfless love of those at Bethany Village.  It is truly amazing work that these wonderful men and women do.