Helping those who cannot help themselves

Meet Winnie Namugabo

My name is Winnie Namugabo, I am a mother to one girl who is now grown (29) and working. I have worked with children in Bethany as a Mother of children in Praise House for 11 years. All the children I started with are now grown and gone. Some were adopted by other families and others were resettled with identified biological family relatives. Many have graduated in different professions, like teaching, social worker. Others have not yet graduated from school for example one of my boy is doing civil engineering, he is being helped by his adoptive parents. Others are yet to join university this year. All these graduated from my house and they are living with adoptive parents and others with their identified biological relatives.

I currently look after 11 children, 9 are in primary at Bethany Christian School and two in high school. Just like children in Worship House and the other houses in the village, all our children are from very bad backgrounds. It takes the grace of God to love them and help them become who God designed them to be.

Our house activities are the same as those of Worship House. We also wake up at 5:00am to say our prayers before doing house chores and going to school. Our day ends with supper at 9:30pm. I teach the children to do house chores like cooking, mopping the house, compound cleaning, washing dishes and so on. As children grow older, they learn to do these things by themselves. The older kids help me to look after the young ones by washing for them, dressing them, bathing them and so on.