Helping those who cannot help themselves

An update from Betty Ayat

My name is Betty Ayat. I am a mother of two, a boy of 20 years and a girl of 16 years. I have worked in Bethany for 12 years working as a Home Mother of Worship House. During these 12 years of serving the children in Bethany I have seen God change children’s lives. As I anxiously prepared to report to my new work place back in 2005, I thought things were going to be easy. Working with children was my passion and so I thought it was going to be easy. On the contrary, it wasn’t at all. As I worked with children, I realized they were from different backgrounds and this affected the way they behaved. None of them had been loved by anyone before they came to Bethany, many had been mistreated, abandoned, malnourished, tortured. A good number didn’t have a home before coming to Bethany and so did not know what it meant to live with a family. All this affected their behavior. Many could not trust any adult because from where they were coming from, they had been mistreated by adults. As I interacted with these children, I realized they need to be loved but more so to be parented. I offered myself to them and loved them the way they were.

Spending time with them helped me to win their approval. Many began opening up to me and sharing with me their past and as they did, I helped them to come to terms with what had happened. As I write this, I have countless testimonies from my house. All the children I started with graduated and many have families at the moment. Majority of them graduated in various professions like teaching, Mechanics, social work, tailoring and so on.

I currently have 14 children in my house, 8 are in primary at Bethany Christian School, the 6 are in high school. Most of these children are referred to us by the government officers (Probation and Social welfare officer) and Police when they Identify a helpless child. A few of them are from Loving Hearts Babies Home a sister organization which looks after abandoned babies. When these children make 3 years, they are brought to Bethany.

Our house program is as follows

5:00-5:20am Praying

5:20-5:40am Laying beds

5:40-6:30am House chores like mopping the house, preparing breakfast, compound cleaning.

6:30-7:00am Breakfast

7:00-5:00PM School time

5:00-7:30PM Gardening, preparing supper, washing uniforms

7:30-8:00PM Evening devotion

8:00-10:00PM Evening classes at school

10:00-10:30PM Supper

10:30-5:00PM Lights out


A huge thank you to Betty Ayat for all she does for the children of Worship House!  What an amazing work they are doing for the kingdom!