Helping those who cannot help themselves

Engineer Sande Mubiru

My name is Sande Mubiru, I am a Telecom Engineer by profession.  I grew up at Bethany Homes. I joined Bethany Homes in 2005 in Primary Five. I had spent two years without going to school before coming to Bethany because there was no one in my family able and willing to stand in for me.

Joy house was my home at Bethany Village and Mummy Mukisa Betty became a real mother to me. Her parenting skills helped to shape the man I am today. Bethany helped to shape my spiritual life, and they paid my school fees as well as all my medical expenses.

The education and career guidance I received from the staff in the village helped me to make good choices that are helping me live a successful life today.


I am living the life of my dreams! I have a job with Airtel Uganda as a telecom Engineer. I am glad to write that I am now a sponsor to two children at Bethany village. Through my sponsorship, these two kids who were abandoned by their parents are now able to go to school and enjoy all the other opportunities I enjoyed while growing up at Bethany Village. I bless God for what he has done in my life.


Sande at his work