Helping those who cannot help themselves

The Homes We Are Supporting

Well, it is an exciting day!  This week we were able to send over $7300 CDN to sponsor homes in Bethany Village.  As you know, we send the money collected every three months or so.  At our current rate of support, we can fully fund 2 homes for over 9 months because of your generosity!  Our current monthly support is at $935 and we have had over $5000 in in one time gifts come in.

The people of Bethany Village have sent us pictures of the two homes we are supporting.  The two homes are called Praise House and Worship House.  You can see their pictures below or click on the photo for an enlarged version.

You choice to sponsor these homes is changing the lives of these children below!  Print these pictures and hang them on your fridge.  You are making this happen!  If you want to join us in changing a child’s life, it is not too late to sign up.  Just click donate and become a part of this incredible opportunity!

This is Praise house, along with the house mother and the children living there.


This is Worship house, along with the house mother and the children who live there.