Helping those who cannot help themselves

August Fundraising Update

I am super excited to announce that funds are continuing to come in.  At the time of this writing we have raised $835 in monthly support and $3700 in one time gifts!  As I mentioned in a previous post, Bethany Village currently has 3 homes that are operating without funding and are in a dire situation.  It takes between $1200 to $1500 a month to support a home.  If you divide the one time gifts to top up the monthly giving, this money will cover the expenses of 2 homes for 6 months ($1451/month for 6 months) to be fully funded because of your incredible generosity!

I have to admit, there have been times that this task has seemed incredibly daunting, but when I see these numbers I get so pumped!  I am so excited to be working with you to see these homes stay open in Uganda!  We will be sending the money to Uganda quarterly with the first transfer going in the coming weeks.

Our goal is to have 2 homes fully funded on a monthly bases.  You can help us reach that goal by continuing to spread the word, sharing posts on Facebook, forwarding emails, etc.

Along with this post, I have also posted a testimony from a child at Bethany Village.  You can read that post here.

Thanks for your support with this project!