Helping those who cannot help themselves

Word from Betty Ayat

My name is Betty Ayat and I am one of the Home Mothers of Bethany Village. I am in charge of 13 children now. I have worked at Bethany for 11 years. It has been my joy to see broken children come to my house and then through God’s grace, and my parenting, they end up experiencing healing and growing up to become Transformational Christian Leaders.

This work has never been easy from the start because most of the children who come to Bethany have not had an easy life. Because of this, their behavior is bad. I realized that the only way to help them is to show them unconditional love, irrespective of how they behaved. As time goes on, many of them begin to open up and to share their stories. Then I am able to help them know that there is a loving God who cares and loves them and that God has called us to love them and show them the way. I have learned that parenting is not a ‘bed of roses’, it is not a one-time instruction, I have learned that I have to be consistent in what I do even though it might take years for change to be visible.

I am proud to write that very many of the children I started with have grown to be responsible men and women! One of my boys is a pastor, a teacher, and a married man. It is not an easy task but I get courage when I see transformation as the children grow up. I bless God for the grace he give me each day. Amen.