Helping those who cannot help themselves

Bethany Homes

I have been in contact with the people in Uganda who run the orphanage and as such I want to give you an update on things on the ground.  It turns out the situation in Uganda is more dire than I had originally realized.  They currently have 6 homes in operation, but only have funding for around 3 homes.  They are really struggling to continue to operate with what they have.  When I called to tell them funds were on the way, they were so excited!  I was told it was some of the best news they had heard in a while!

It does however change things slightly for us.  We were hoping to open up new homes, but our focus is now going to be tweaked slightly to keeping current homes open for now.  This orphanage is such a lifeline to these children and with your help they are now going to be able to keep the doors open to a home.  We of course still need to find more funding to help them maintain where they are at, but what we have already raised is a huge step in the right direction for them.  They were so thankful to the people from Canada who have these children on their hearts.